Deans, Directors and Department Heads List

Deans, Directors and Department Heads List


The Deans, Directors and Department Heads (DDDH) listserv is moderated by the Office of the Provost and is used for official university/campus business. Information sent via the listserv should apply to a broad range of campus units. Typical examples are changes in administrative responsibilities, services or policies and information about procedures that are critical to the university. 

Justification for inclusion on the listserv 

  • Dean 
  • Director of unit/director-level appointment title 
  • Department Head 


Alert moderators about your proposed DDDH timing via email as early in advance as possible. Last-minute requests can be extremely difficult to accommodate and do NOT guarantee that the message will be distributed at the desired time. 

Request messages to moderators should include desired send date and any associated communication plans (if applicable). 

Judgement about the appropriate use of the list is solely the responsibility of the moderators. 

Communications planning 

If the DDDH message is part of a larger communications plan, then the final approved plan MUST be shared with list moderators as early in advance as possible.  

Because the DDDH list covers a broad range of campus, it is strongly advised that sending to the list should not preclude general campus-wide announcements. Massmails sent to the broader campus community should not have a DDDH in the pre-transmittal unless deemed absolutely necessary.  


All content must be approved by relevant approvers, parties and signatories BEFORE submitting for distribution and moderation. To submit a DDDH message for moderation, please utilize this form. These messages are text only and should not have attachments or images.

Points of contact 

  • Stephanie Henry, 
  • Katie Watson, 
  • Allison Vance,